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Shanghai in the world ranking of cultural metropolises (2019)

Shanghai a world metropolis: Shanghai was ranked ninth in a world ranking of cultural metropolises established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Southern California.

Shanghai a world metropolis in the ranking of cultural metropolises

Top cities in the world ranking of cultural metropolises

The top 10 cities on the list were New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Berlin, Beijing, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Rome. Other Chinese cities have also been included in the list as:

  • Hong Kong (25th)
  • Guangzhou (36th)
  • Shenzhen (39th)
  • Taipei (40th)

Shanghai a world metropolis : Evaluation of 51 international cities

These are the university teams that evaluated 51 international cities based on statistics from:

  • Official websites
  • Urban culture directories and authoritative organizations such as UNESCO and the World Bank.

Shanghai was also ranked first in terms of public involvement in cultural activities, seventh in cultural tourism and ninth in cultural offerings. Beijing was ranked second, third and fourth in these areas.

Xu Jian, head of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University research team, said Shanghai could further enhance the development of its cultural sector.

“Shanghai should be conceived as a city intertwined with regional and western culture, Jiangnan-style culture and” red culture. “We must take strategic actions to promote Shanghai’s culture,” said Xu.

Xu also said that Shanghai should make its culture more competitive by improving public cultural services and improving the structure of cultural consumption of its residents. For example, thematic bookstores, as places of entertainment and business, can not only encourage more customers to buy books but also meet their cultural needs

Shanghai achieves high score for business environment

To complement the city’s performance, Shanghai’s business environment scored 83.6 points out of 100, with the majority of companies praising the city’s efficiency and taxation, according to the survey office of the Shanghai National Bureau of Statistics. More statistics

The office also noted that Shanghai scored 87.3 points for security level, 86.9 points for development of public transportation, 86.6 points for convenience in everyday life and 85.8 points for infrastructure.

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