Start-up experience at YoFitness

Today, I would like to tell you more about my experience in a start-up. I was responsible for community management Yofitness. It’s a web application that we developed. Our start-up offers an online sports coaching service through videos shot with coaches. My professional objective was to focus on digital communication. I developed a communication strategy on social networks and ran a blog. I had some freedom and genuine autonomy.



Start-up challenges


What was my challenge for Yofitness? It was a young company that only existed for two years. If it managed to expand its business around the heart of sports coaching video through their site, it lacked a communication strategy to promote themselves. If a start-up fails to assert its existence, it will be nice to have a quality service to it, but no one can benefit without a communication worthy of the name. Today, market shares stand out among companies who know how to talk about them. The stakes are therefore high: created a communication strategy for Yofitness so it exists in the eyes of the market.



Start-up communication


And then what were the methods and means used. To establish a communication strategy, I took several factors into account. As the financial means Yofitness and the target clientele. The start-up did not have much budget to place in its communication, we decided to use social networks and the Internet as a medium to convey our communication. Can we adapt to our customers? We knew the type of clientele targeted by the market research conducted by my first contributors: mostly women between 18 and 45 years. We created a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to start, we developed a schedule of posts to display on each of the networks for each day.

Then I created content to feed the pages for the start-up. We also created a blog dedicated to well-being and in lifestyle, inspired by the values ​​of Yofitness. We would create an additional entrance door to the social networks to the site. To do this, I wrote blog articles referencing them with keywords and making aesthetic through evocative images.

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