This is how Charles Bark, Founder of HiNounou, used IOT to change the life of seniors in China

Did you know that population aging is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century?

According a University of California, San Francisco UCSF study, 60 years old participants and older who reported feeling lonely face a 45 percent increase in their risk of death.

But, what if we could avoid that? Use technology to help seniors feeling loved, and supported by their loved ones, wherever they might be? What if we could give that “peace of mind” to all the children who left their parents alone at home?

The ultimate goal is to prevent them from having diseases, helping them being healthy. Because the last thing we all want is letting them alone suffering. Or placing them into retirement homes!

That is why, Charles Bark, Founder, and CEO of HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company, started to think about a solution. A feeling he got after experiencing a terrible feeling when his mom felt alone at her house.

HiNounou’s Home Wellness Kit

A comprehensive solution

12 years of research and development and 4 different countries. That is what was required to create HiNounou. Children now have direct access to their parents or grandparents’ wellness. In total transparency and on a daily basis! HiNounou designed a comprehensive solution utilizing AI & Healthcare Technology.

This is allowed by the Home Wellness Kit. It includes three main devices:

  • A Connected Medical Devices (IoT) for regular biomarker monitoring (which only take 5 minutes a day for the senior)
  • A DNA Genomic Test specially formulated for chronic disease risk identification
  • A Senior friendly smartphone with the HiNounou App. This app designed to help Seniors keep regular track of their own wellness. It’s designed for them and extremely easy to use.

HiNounou is using well-known blockchain technology. This famous decentralized and unhackable network. The health data are therefore stored and shared only to parties pre-approved by the Seniors and/or their authorized caregivers.

Strategic Partnerships

HiNounou also secured a partnership with PingAn. PingAn is the number one insurance provider in China. As a result, seniors have instant access to no underwriting accident and death insurance services. The big news is that they have access to insurance up to the age of 100 years old! Big improvement in China. But since China wasn’t enough, HiNounou also partnered with AXA, the worldwide leader in Insurance. This partnership is providing a 24×7 hotline for teleconsultation with medical professionals.

In addition, seniors are rewarded for daily wellness monitoring with Nounou tokens. Once received they may exchange the tokens within the platform to enjoy a variety of customized products and services. For instance, they’ll able to get discounts on flights, food, energy, retail products, supplements, nutrition coaching, Tai chi classes, etc.


And HiNounou is not ready to stop for the next level: HiNounou’s AI companion robot, and never let your loved ones feeling alone again.



HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company is a Connected Healthcare & Intelligent Data Platform company. HiNounou is committed to cutting-edge technology and is on a mission to empower the world’s Seniors to live longer, healthier and happier, at home.

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