Top 3 digital campaigns for perfumes

  1. Diesel x Only The Brave High

For the release of their new fragrance Only The Brave High, the teams of L’Oréal Luxe and 84.Paris have chosen to offer the experience of “the feeling of being at the top of the world”.

Thanks to virtual reality, customers in shopping centres where the device was installed were able to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, the user finds himself at the top of a New York building. The game consists of walking along the windows, and grabbing the perfume. For a realistic effect, boards have been installed (to imitate the window sills, and which are visible through the helmet) as well as a replica of the perfume bottle that players must grab. Guaranteed real effect.

According to 84.Paris, the experience generated about 30 articles on the subject, and perfume sales increased by 120% in the shopping centres where the campaign was carried out.


  1. Chloe x Nomade

In March 2018, Les 4 Temps de la Défense welcomed the promotion of Chloé’s latest fragrance: Nomade. Visitors were able to experience the immersion advertising campaign. A 120m2 space, equipped with digital screens, allows you to dive into the heart of the Chloé Nomade campaign, filmed at 360 degrees.

The senses were tested with an olfactory experience to discover the perfume.

The desire to travel has seduced the millennials.


  1. Perfume Kenzo World 360°

Kenzo is partnering with SmartVR studio and Spike Jonze to create the new Kenzo World campaign.

The explosive and colourful advertising clip created by Spike Jonze has been transformed into virtual reality thanks to the creation of personalized cardboards. Users were able to discover them by visiting the perfumery and live a unique experience: the clip transposed into virtual reality.

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