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NIKE, a Chinese success story

Discover 5 Nike’s marketing campaigns in China

NIKE, Inc. is the world’s leading designer, distributor of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide range of sports and fitness activities. In 2018 the famous comma brand generated more than $ 34 billion revenue worldwide. Therefore, putting it in the lead in terms of market share over the year. Representing more than 15% of its annual turnover and being constantly increasing for four consecutive years, China remains the fastest growing market for Nike. That is the reason why I propose you through this article to discover 5 marketing campaigns of Nike, which allow the company to be today the biggest player in his sector on the Chinese market.


The storytelling is the foundation of the global Nike’s marketing strategy. In its ads the brand doesn’t sell a product but the emotional benefits that can bring its equipment. Through each of its campaigns NIKE tells a different story, usually staging a hero overcoming the difficulties he faces. As a result, everyone can identify himself through these promotional campaigns and are driven by the slogan “Just Do It.“.


Every marketer know that to seduce the Chinese market a product has to be customized. Which means adopt a China-specific strategy, in other words be unique. Across this commercial starring young local basketball player facing the obstacles and pushing its limits that remain in the Nike codes. NIKE battered his universal signature “Just Do It.” by “I Got It” more personal and individualistic version adapted to the Chinese audience.


FREE START NIKE WECHATWe cannot talk about setting up a brand in China without talking about WeChat. With a relatively young mobile audience NIKE is aiming just by first opening an account on the platform in 2012. This allows the company to communicate with the audience on a daily basis. Being present on the networks is not enough to benefit from a great reputation. It is important to offer content that grab the attention of users, making the buzz. For example, to do this NIKE has shown a very noticed entry through its application to offer for purchase via WeChat a collection of shoes custom-made directly by people through the application.




Source: marketing-chine


China is considered to be at the foreground of technology. Nike has wanted through these two following campaigns to honor its new products through the best way. By offering to its customers an immersive experience through gamification, thus associating digital with reality. REACTLAND allows users to create their avatar and test the latest cushioning shoes technology.


For the last World Cup in Russia Nike has decided to promote soccer in China through this funny commercial. Which let the world know that they are preparing to play an important role on the international scene. As a result, the campaign have been viewed more than 200 million times in just one week.


To sum up, you have to know that to succeed on the Chinese market companies have to adapt their strategies to the audience. By firstly understand the local culture but also in thinking about creativity and customization. The multiple Nike’s marketing and communication strategies are the perfect examples.


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