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Top 10 of the most weird things in China

When we arrive in Shanghai, it’s amazing ! We walk around one of the largest megalopolises in the world with no less than 24 million inhabitants. We discover a big city with buildings, each bigger than the others, and big arteries, all of that delicately combine with the historical area. And yet … even if it’s ultra-modern and Westernized, it is really surprising! Let us take a tour of 10 most weird things that amaze and, sometimes, stupefy when we arrive from our so “clean” West.


  1. Chinese people love mobile phones

The plane is just landing at the Shanghai airport and we are going to take the subway. Surprises begin. If it says that the Parisian subway is terrible and everyone sulk, the Shanghai’s subway is not so different.

On one hand, we have to avoid people who jostle and sweep away everything and everyone in their way.

Then, I hope nobody want to talk to neighbors … They are absolutely ALL on their phone and pass their entire journey head down and concentrated. They take advantage of these long journeys to watch their favorite series or video clips and play mobile games.


Subway mobile phone chinese


  1. Scooters and Traffic

Then, comes the time to get out of the subway. As a good tourist we are, we walk, head in the air, to look at what surround us. But, arrive the moment where you have to cross. Well disciplined, we wait wisely on the sidewalk that our little figure goes green and hop! Let’s go! ERROR! In China, on the road, you need to know that is the jungle’s law.

So buses, these metal monsters do not hesitate to rush us on crushing everything in their path. You think that cars are more cordial and friendly but NO. If you have the misfortune to cross when it is not your turn, an advice, RUN! They will not slow down for you and, even between them, if one stops, the one that follows it will prefer to circumvent it. And that, even if it can create an accident.

And finally, don’t forget scooter! In the “food chain” of Shanghai traffic, comes the place of two-wheelers. They will always have priority over you. They can arrive in all directions on the road but also on the sidewalks. So BE CAREFUL!


Traffic scooter, car, bus


  1. The squatting pose

After having survived crossing the street, we continue our walk. At one time, we look on our side and we see some Chinese people squatting, feet flat on the ground, eating their meals, chatting with each other or looking at their phone. Although not extraordinary, the number of Chinese people who stay in this position, in every area of the city surprises a lot!


chinese people squatting on the street


4.    The sputum

If the “squatting poses” surprises, another common practice of people from shanghai disturbs us or disgust us: the sputum!In the street, Chinese people have this dirty habit to realize, freely in the street, next to our ears and above all, before our eyes, a kind of sweeping of their throat.. really bad to heard, but more of that; really bad to SEE.


Chinese who spit


  1. Pajamas as casual wear

When the end of the day is coming, we continue our walk in the heart of the city, and we meet some interesting Chinese people dressed really funny. Indeed, it is not uncommon to meet them dressed in their finest clothes … pajamas! Pilou pilou, polar, printed, all kinds of pajamas that it is comical to see in the street.


pyjama's kooples


  1. Dressed dogs

Another surprising practice. If in the West, we like to dress our dear companions of life, Chinese people LOVE it. Besides the small outfit that suits them well, as dress, body, tutu and other, they are very sensitive to hygiene and oblige their dogs to wear small shoes that makes very funny situation!


dressed dogs


  1. Children “poopy crack”

Children in China are cherished and loved more than anything. The one-child policy has made that parents give them everything. And sometimes too much … Whether it is by laziness or by facility, Chinese parents have found an incredible solution to let their little babies and us, as freely as possible: the “poopy gap”. It consists of cutting the pants of their toddler at the level of their buttocks in order to bring an exit, as we can say… express …!


poopy crack


  1. Laundry dries in the street and often with food

The eighth point that astonishes when we walk in town, is the washing that dries in the street. So yeah, we could just say “what? Everyone has to dry his laundry!” Except that it is very surprising in the big cities to see this at the windows or in the alleys of our residence. It is more strange to feel an underpants or a bra in your head … Worse still, it arrives that clothes drying just nearby some food like duck, sausage etc.


clothes and food


  1. Chicken plucked on the Street

The last two points that disturb us are the relation to food in the street … Not for the faint of heart!

It is not uncommon to walk down the street next to small shops, and see chickens (that you’ll eat at lunch) in their cages. Already, don’t be shocked by the number of chicken in the same place. And after that, if you prefer to eat the chicken without knowing how it is prepared, it is better to don’t look at it, they are plucked in the street!


chicken scooter


10.Gutted fish on the sidewalkSame for the fish placed on the floor which is scaled, opened and cleaned out in front of our eyes …!


fish in the street