In order to understand the rapid change of China and catch up with what’s going on, you have several tricks and readings you should get used to! In fact, newspapers and pure players have increased a lot in the PRC as the country experienced a huge growth in the past 30 years. Chinese and foreigners living in China want to have access to media with relevant and trustworthy information. What is very interesting to see is that media follows the Chinese trend of m-commerce. They are for most of them fully accessible online and on smartphones. Even though not all of them have an app they still are accessible in mobile phones and this can be simply answered by WeChat.The giant Tencent has such power that pure players and businesses must have a WeChat account, where users can subscribe to their page. This actions lead to a kind of newsletter where you normally use your e-mail address to register. However, in that case you’re using your WeChat account and you will directly receive, from the accounts you subscribed, any of their publications into the messaging app. The aim of this article is to get to know the newspapers you should read daily to quickly understand the rapid growth of China. In addition to that we will focus on Chinese tech media’s that bring up to light amazing innovations and new technologies that influence the world.National NewspaperCHINA DAILY

China Daily is a big company that was founded on June 1981. The newspaper is well-known and recognized in the world. It publishes English-language newspapers in China mostly for foreigners but also for Chinese to improve their English. Moreover, the company has branches in major foreign cities such as Hong Kong, London and Washington D.C. The newspaper is therefore published in many countries of the world and distributed to universities, think thanks, embassies, governments, hotels, etc…
China Daily is also a very strong as digital media, its website was launched in 1995. Thanks to his early presence and the quality of his content it has become China’s most influential English-language web media.

“China Daily website is China’s first national English-language website” (China Daily, 1995)

Their website is incredibly complete, there are 5 parts written in English concerning U.S, Africa, Europe, Asia and obviously China. In addition to that they have two Chinese-language editions one of them is the traditional news and the second one is called “language tips”. Moreover, what is impressive is that they also have a French-language section dedicated to China.

Their app is well designed and very simple to use. It has different sections such as lifestyle, sports, business, tech all what you need to be aware of the evolution China and its people. They are also not that bad concerning social medias, in Twitter their US Page @ChinaDailyUSA. has almost 700’000 followers. They are also managing two other accounts one for Asia and one for Europe but have less success.Finally their WeChat account is: RealTimeChina that basically gives you the same access than their app.

GLOBAL TIMES Global times is another very interesting newspaper, it stated in Chinese language in 1993 and published in English for the first time in 2009. An interesting fact is that the two language versions are quite different in their composition. The Chinese one focuses on international matters and the English one reports more on China’s domestic issues. In addition to that they launched two local newspapers: Metro Beijing and Metro Shanghai. Moreover, since 2013 they inaugurated a US edition that published in both languages making them the first to do so.Their Website is good but the design is quite basic. They have a lot of different section with many sub-sections. There is a huge number of very interesting articles with good sources and will definitely be a great help to see the evolution of China. They are also trying to boost their Social Media with a Twitter page of over 197K of followers and around 55,3K tweets beating China Daily. Concerning their app, I would say that is not bad neither a bit simple but the content is there. There is even the possibility of downloading the e-Newspaper, you can search for any key word and ad articles to your favorites. Finally, their WeChat account is: GlobalTimesNews is the official one for the English language. Pure Players & Tech MediaJING DAILY Launched in 2009, Jing Daily is the leading digital publication on luxury consumer trends in China. China has a complex and rapidly evolving luxury industry and in order for professional to understand what’s going on they should be used to read Jing Daily. Fresh and accurate insights are published on daily basis with key trend reports, figures from leading industries and in-depth analysis. Their website has a good design very pure and the user experience is very of a high quality and convenient. There are 6 main categories: Industry Sectors, Market Trends, Creative, Jing Travel, Tech, Reports. All of them with a lot of articles providing good support for research and development. They publish on daily basis on each of the sections with the most accurate analysis that you may find concerning the Chinese luxury trends. They are member of the Luxury Society leaded by the Digital Luxury Group proving how good they are. In addition to the tech category is also very useful and provide valuable content on 3 main directions: E-commerce, Mobile and Social Media.Their WeChat account is: Jing_Daily_China but it’s in Chinese language and there is no English version. In addition to that negative point, they do not have an app. Despite, they are fully responsive and adapted to smartphones, Jing Daily should do some investments in either an English version of their WeChat account or develop an App in different languages. CHINA SKINNY China Skinny is different, the company focuses on delivering a full-service marketing. Hence, they are a research and online agency that has proven to be very successful. They help international businesses to enter China, as well as brands already in the market.

China Skinny was founded by Mark Tanner, who is working in the Internet, mobile and marketing industries since the 90s in China, North America, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

They publish a very interesting and renown newsletter and are regularly contacted by international media such as Bloomberg and Reuters for their view on the market.

They have a Website a bit old fashioned for a digital marketing insights agency. However, the information is available in both English and Chinese. They have a quite low Social Media presence for example on Twitter they have not more than 2200 followers. Concerning LinkedIn, they have over 800 followers and Facebook about and a positive point is that they are present in Weibo. Their WeChat account is: thechinaskinny and it’s in English.CHINA INTERNET WATCHChina Internet Watch (CIW) is a digital consulting company based in Singapore. They started in China as marketing blog, after that they expanded to different topics concerning China online marketing. CIW also treats many subjects linked to digital trends and innovations in China.

The relevance of their articles and studies is very high. They share key online insights about China such as Internet statistics, current online trends and marketing strategies. The company focuses exclusively on mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

CIW work with Incitez China that currently take care of publishing the topics related to the Chinese online Marketing.

You can follow them on FacebookTwitter and even YouTube! Their website proposes you to access free e-books that will help you understand how big digital is in China!TECHNODE TechNode was founded by Dr. Gang Lu a passionate of tech, a geek but more than that a PhD in Wireless Networks. The company is known as the leading tech media covering the latest news on start-up entrepreneurs, industry trends and large companies in China and Asia. TechNode was previously known as and is now the official partner of TechCrunch, that manage TechCrunch China.

They are expert in what happens in China and focuses on social media, mobile, e-commerce and new trends that hear a lot of noise like Big Data and VR/AR. TechNode also organizes monthly events in several cities in China, it also runs a competition called ChinaBang Awards.

Their Website is in English and Chinese and has 4 main sections Home, Podcast, Events and Tips. They are also present in the different social medias, for example on Twitter they have almost 6’300 followers. They have less likes in Facebook as it’s blocked in China and try their best in LinkedIn with almost 400 followers. They developed and app but it’s fully in Chinese and still at their beta version. TechNode has 2 WeChat official accounts, one in EnglishTECHINASIA Tech in Asia is another extremely famous online tech media. They discuss topics about Asia and the US, they are based in Singapore and are made of a big crew of journalists and bloggers. The employees of the company share a common interest in tech and startup news. Their website is divided in 3 main sections: media, events, and jobs. Daily articles are published in the media section with great insights and useful curated content from other sources. Thanks to the event section they do an amazing work offline gathering the finest Asian tech communities. The last section is a real strength they facilitate tech job opportunities which for a media is kind of disruptive, but we like it! The user experience and interface is really good and make the readings more enjoyable. They do a huge work on social medias they have more than 617K likes on Facebook, 130K followers on LinkedIn and 107K on Twitter.Finally, you can download their app that will become shortly one of your principal source of tech information. The App is light and very simple to use, they choose the same design of their website probably to keep a coherence, which makes sense. The format of presentation of the articles is amazing and you can easily share, comment or save at any time. TRY IT ! CHINATECHNEWSAll China Tech China Tech News has been operating since 1999, first as an online forum, then as an email newsletter, and finally as a full-fledged news website! They distinguish from other tech information through the diversity and accuracy of its IT and industry news. The Website publishes daily in English-language articles with reliable and trustworthy sources.All China Tech is a start up media platform founded in 2015. They are base in Beijing and still are a small company with around 10 employees. But they provide interesting insights about China’s IT industry. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more exclusive informations. Don’t forget their WeChat by scanning the QR code!