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Advice on children’s use of the Internet


During the last twenty years,  Internet has grown exponentially. It is used by all generations, especially children. Children begin to use tablets at an early age. For example, according to a Médiamétrie study, the average age of phone access is 9.9 years old.

Internet represents a significant step forward in the daily lives of its users. However, it is not free of dangers. Dangers that directly target children. This vast universe welcomes all forms of criminality, including pedocriminality, harassment, identity theft, hacking, etc. As today it is almost impossible to forbidden access to Internet, in order to minimize these risks, here are some advices on how to supervise your children’s use of the Internet.

1)Promote offline activities

2) Set access limitations

3) Accompanying children in the use of new technologies

4) Instructing through internet

5) Maintaining family ties

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