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Creating memorable experiences in beauty with AI

In recent years, technology has become a real driver for change in the beauty industry. Indeed, the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been completely reshaping experiences between companies and consumers. Beauty brands are now understanding that consumers are searching for a connection with the cosmetics they use. Thus, here are a few examples of beauty technologies that are currently booming.

Modiface x l’Oréal

The hardest thing for consumers when buying cosmetics online is probably the fact that they cannot touch the product. Indeed, it is harder to make a choice when you are only seeing pictures of products. This is the reason why l’Oréal acquired an AR and AI company last year: Modiface.

Modiface offers this ability to virtually try-on before buying. Therefore, it answers to Millennials’ wish to have everything fast and effortless. It works with makeup, hair color, beauty consultations. The most amazing aspect is that it is really possible to find a specific shade, hair color from anywhere.


 Nyx Lipsticks Virtual Try-On – Modiface


Urban Decay: Shade Finder – Modiface

Modiface allows consumers to test several looks on their face. Indeed,, they can find the right foundation, lipstick color. In short, this technology really enables consumers to buy with greater confidence.

Skin diagnosis by Modiface

The newest functionality of this technology is skin diagnosis. Furthermore, it is based on an AI-powered algorithm nourished by l’Oréal skin aging expertise and photo database. It has been collecting 10,000 clinical pictures from l’Oréal’s R&I evaluation. Moreover, It was also created with dermatologists to achieve a high level of skin assessment precision. This new feature was launched in January 2019 by Vichy.


Vichy Skin Consult AI

This algorithm will give a complete diagnosis of consumers’ skin by simply 3 steps:

  1. Take a Selfie
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Matrix of the skin and recommended skincare routine.

First, It will analyze skin priorities and strengths. Then, the technology will provide a 100% personalized skincare routine aligned with consumers’ needs. This is the first-ever technology powered by AI and science. It is like a free skin “consultation” for consumers which make this experience for them even more interesting. In this fast-changing world, consumers are more and more craving for personalization. 

Skin Matrix – Modiface

In conclusion, brands are now able to offer unique and personalized experiences to customers thanks to AI and machine learning. Above all, these new tech features have opened up a new world of closeness between beauty companies and beauty junkies. In other words, makeup consumers find both functional and emotional benefits in personalization.

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