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Creating memorable experiences in beauty with AI

In recent years, technology has become a real driver for change in the beauty industry. Indeed, the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been completely reshaping experiences between companies and consumers. Beauty brands are now understanding that consumers are searching for a connection with the cosmetics they use. Thus, here are a few examples of beauty technologies that are currently booming.

Modiface x l’Oréal

The hardest thing for consumers when buying cosmetics online is probably the fact that they cannot touch the product. Indeed, it is harder to make a choice when you are only seeing pictures of products. This is the reason why l’Oréal acquired an AR and AI company last year: Modiface.

Modiface offers this ability to virtually try-on before buying. Therefore, it answers to Millennials’ wish to have everything fast and effortless. It works with makeup, hair color, beauty consultations. The most amazing aspect is that it is really possible to find a specific shade, hair color from anywhere.


 Nyx Lipsticks Virtual Try-On – Modiface


Urban Decay: Shade Finder – Modiface

Modiface allows consumers to test several looks on their face. Indeed,, they can find the right foundation, lipstick color. In short, this technology really enables consumers to buy with greater confidence.

Skin diagnosis by Modiface

The newest functionality of this technology is skin diagnosis. Furthermore, it is based on an AI-powered algorithm nourished by l’Oréal skin aging expertise and photo database. It has been collecting 10,000 clinical pictures from l’Oréal’s R&I evaluation. Moreover, It was also created with dermatologists to achieve a high level of skin assessment precision. This new feature was launched in January 2019 by Vichy.


Vichy Skin Consult AI

This algorithm will give a complete diagnosis of consumers’ skin by simply 3 steps:

  1. Take a Selfie
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Matrix of the skin and recommended skincare routine.

First, It will analyze skin priorities and strengths. Then, the technology will provide a 100% personalized skincare routine aligned with consumers’ needs. This is the first-ever technology powered by AI and science. It is like a free skin “consultation” for consumers which make this experience for them even more interesting. In this fast-changing world, consumers are more and more craving for personalization. 

Skin Matrix – Modiface

In conclusion, brands are now able to offer unique and personalized experiences to customers thanks to AI and machine learning. Above all, these new tech features have opened up a new world of closeness between beauty companies and beauty junkies. In other words, makeup consumers find both functional and emotional benefits in personalization.

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The Fanciest Restaurants In Shanghai

If you are looking for one of the best culinary experience of your life, you are in the right place. Indeed, if you live or pass by Shanghai, here is a list of the fanciest restaurants in Shanghai that you cannot miss. Great news! The culinary options are also sure to please every palate: French, Italian, Indian or Chinese restaurants? You can find humongous places all around the city! 

1. Ultraviolet

Have you heard from the Ultraviolet? It is a 3 stars Michelin restaurant which one of the 50 World’s Best Restaurants. This is a unique concept created by Paul Pairet. This multi-sensory technology will definitely create an immersive experience. Therefore, the restaurant has only one table for 10 guests per night. The Ultraviolet is in a secret city location. You will be pick-up at Mr & Mrs. Bund to go to the secret location.

Address: Pick-up at Mr & Mrs. Bund,

Bund 18,
6/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,
near Nanjing Dong Lu

中山东一路18号6楼, 近南京东路

More information here



2. Mr & Mrs. Bund

Looking for a perfect spot for dating in Shanghai? What about Mr & Mrs. Bund, another restaurant of Paul Pairet. It is located in a former bank from 1922. Furthermore, the decoration is a  mix between the 18th-century style and some modern furniture. It is really lovely. You will enjoy French food with an Asian influence.

DEAL ALERT: This restaurant is quite expensive for students but you can enjoy almost half prices dishes after 10 pm. Quite cool isn’t it?

Address: Bund 18,
6/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,
near Nanjing Dong Lu

中山东一路18号6楼, 近南京东路

More information here


3. Le Cuivre

If you are missing your country or just want to discover French cuisine: this is the place to go. Le Cuivre is simple country-style French bistro with a touch of modernity. On Mondays, there is a really nice deal: 88 RMB for an amazing burger & fries.

Address: 1502 Huaihai Zhong Lu,
near Wulumuqi Lu

淮海中路1502号, 近乌鲁木齐路

More information here






4. The Commune Social

If you are looking for delicious Spanish dishes, this is the place to be. The atmosphere is so nice. I recommend going there on a small committee.

“The Tapas, Dessert and Cocktail Bar concept allows visitors to take their own journey through The Commune Social by starting with drinks in the courtyard or terrace and watch the team of chefs crafting dishes at the open-kitchen Tapas Bar, then move to the Dessert Bar to see the pastry chefs at work and finish upstairs at the Cocktail Bar” – Jason Atherton’s, Chef of The Commune Social.

Address: 511 Jiangning Lu,
near Kangding Lu

江宁路511号, 近康定路

More information here



Vegetarian amateurs? This place is definitely for you!

This upscale, vegetarian restaurant chain, with several locations throughout Shanghai, offers creative takes on classic Asian cuisine. You will find a variety of amazing vegetables. It is a really innovative restaurant.

Address: 4/F, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu,
near Jinling Dong Lu

中山东二路22号4楼, 近金陵东路

More information here





6. M on the Bund

M on the Bund is a lovely restaurant with a humongous view. If you love sophistication, it really worth the detour. For the amateurs of a simple menu with high-quality products.


Address: Five on the Bund,
7/F, 20 Guangdong Lu,
near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu

广东路20号, 外滩五号7楼, 近中山东一路

More information here




7. Mercato – Jean Georges


Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten create its first-ever Italian concept. Simple pleasures like woodfire pizza, tremendous Burrata Cheese. If you are a truffle lover, please order the truffle pizza which is simply amazing.

You will also enjoy a very nice view of Pudong during your lunch or dinner.

Address:  6/F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,

near Guangdong Lu

中山东一路3号6楼, 近广东路

More information here



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Escape from Shanghai for a weekend:  Qiandao Lake

Are you looking for a gateway for the weekend? If you are looking for a quick trip to paradise, this place is for you!

Qiandao Lake or “Thousand Islets Lake”, located in Chun’an Country of Zhejiang Province, is a human-made, freshwater lake which was” formed after the completion of the Xin’an River Hydroelectric Station in 1959. Qiandao lies about 150 kilometers west of Hangzhou.

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How to avoid Tea Scam in China ?

This article is all about warning tourists visiting China to watch out for scamsters in a place which is otherwise amazing and full of adorable people. Traveling to China can sometimes be tricky. Indeed, as China is becoming a more and more touristic country, locals are trying to take advantage of some tourists.


How do they proceed? 


If you read testimonies on the Internet, you will see, it is ALWAYS the same story. Indeed, you were visiting a touristic place in China, two or three really friendly Chinese girls with a perfect English ran into you… Therefore, they began to be very excited about meeting you, wanted to take pictures with you, and finally, they wanted you to follow them to a Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremony. This is where the drama begins.


My story

They got me pretty easily too. I was visiting Beijing for a few days last year with two friends. We were on Tiananmen Square when two Chinese girls about our ages started talking to us with a perfect English (which is really not common in China, even for young people).

However, they were so amazed because we were from Paris, they wanted to take pictures with us, gave us so many advice about the places to see in Beijing. The conversation lasted like 30 minutes and at the end, they asked us if we would like to eat something because they knew a really nice place with typical food from there. As they were really friendly, we followed them. Before going, I wanted to take a picture with them, as they did the same. One of them answered me, oh no, we cannot because of this morning’s prayer. Quite weird, considering the fact that they took pictures of us with their phone. Anyway, I was still not suspicious.


As we walked, the girls spoke in Chinese, pointing toward a small tea shop in a nearby hutong. We jumped in. After looking at the menu, we ordered three cups of tea which were at 50 RMB each.

We had a good time assisting to the tea ceremony, learning so much about Chinese tea. After 1 hour with them, we decided to go to continue our visit. And here, came the bill… 1500 RMB PER PERSON. We were sitting there in shock, trying to understand what has actually happened. Of course, we immediately refused to pay, but if you do not pay, they will never let you go, literally. However, after something like one more hour negotiating, we paid and left this tea house.

Feeling after being scammed

Being scammed is really one of the most maddening feelings. I was pissed, feeling betrayed. After that, to calm down, I checked on the Internet other testimonies and I was really happy to see that I have lost “only” about 200 euros compared to some people who have been scammed for more than 5,000 euros! This happened to me when I was still a quite naive and “an unexperimented” traveler, but it can really to anybody.


How to avoid these scamsters?


  • Do you remember when your parents taught you “do never talk to strangers!” It is maybe the best way to avoid them. Mostly if they want to take you to a tea house, or grab some food;
  • Be even more mistrustful, if their English is almost perfect;
  • Take a picture of the menu with the prices, if you find the place suspicious;
  • Make sure to take a photo of any receipt you sign.