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Genshin Impact x KFC in China

What is Genshin Impact ?

In China, the popular video game Genshin Impact is preparing a unique collaboration with KFC to offer exclusive products.
Genshin Impact is an open-world action game where the player is a character named “The Traveller”, who is a lost in a land called Tayvat. The goal is to visit the surroundings and find the Traveller’s brother or sister. It is a real journey that allows the character to travel through many landscapes.

This game, often compared to the Zelda universe, allows players to confront magical creatures thanks to the elements:

  • Cryo (ice)
  • Pyro (fire)
  • Geo (earth)
  • Anemo (wind)
  • Dendro (nature)
  • Hydro (water)
  • Electro (lightning)

You can also meet playable and non-playable characters on the road. The graphics are very well done. They are vivid and gripping, which makes the animation very fluid and allows the player to be а deep in the game. The game also has a unique soundtrack composed by London and Shanghai orchestras. This “RPG” was developed by the Chinese studio “MiHoYo” and is free of charge. It is available on Playstation 4, Android, iOS, PC and is expected to arrive on Nintendo Switch soon.

The unique collaboration with KFC

Genshin Impact is already a hit around the world, but even more so in its home country. This is why Genshin Impact is preparing a unique collaboration with KFC. Goodies are available in the game, while the restaurants are dressed in the colours of the critically acclaimed free-to-play game. The streamer Zeniet, a Vietnamese Genshin player with 150.7k followers on twitter, announced the news in a tweet for international players :

He informs that KFC will offer buckets а the effigy of Diluc. But also limited edition “wing skins”. The collaboration with KFC was released on March 8th in China. However, this unique collaboration will unlikely arrive in Europe. However, it will be possible for players on Western servers to get the KFC glider. The publisher of Genshin Impact announced on Twitter that the KFC skin will be available in the game by July 2021 at the latest.

These crossovers are not new in China. Indeed, the Asian country loves to associate local pop culture with fast food. As was the case for Final Fantasy 14 which also collaborated with KFC.

Final Fantasy 14 in partnership with KFC

But the video game craze doesn’t stop lа. KFC also launched its own Twitter page called “KFC Gaming” in 2018. On which it shares lots of the same and jokes about the world of “gamers”. KFC knows how to get good publicity. They surf on the latest trendy video games to attract its customers.

KFC Gaming twitter’s account

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By Kassandra Haari


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