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Save the date : January 10th, Afterwork French Tech Shanghai

Tuesday, January 10th, the French Tech Shanghai’ll organize a new afterwork at the famous Kartel bar on the theme of e-commerce.


Event FTSH 13.12 Stephanie Decollas

Indeed, on December 13th, the MBA DMB assisted to the launching of the first French Tech Shanghai afterwork, since its inauguration last October. It was hosted at Kartel, the trendy Shanghai bar privatized for the evening.

During this event, Greg Prudhommeaux presented the Open Pitch Sessions and shared all the keys to pitch a project. This intra-entrepreneur who has been in China for more than 10 years brings his market expertise, and thanks to his network, concrete solutions for the people who contact him.



Open Pitch takes place every second Tuesday of each month. Start-uper will have the opportunity to come and pitch their project: 10 minutes of presentation, 10 minutes of Q&A followed by 10 minutes of Feedbacks delivered by expert.

The jury, made up of marketing professionals, digital experts, entrepreneurs, lawyers specialized in the Chinese market but also potential investors, will give its opinion with three possible answers:


  1. You are ready! In which case, French Tech will help them find potential partners and investors
  2. You’re almost there! Still some small adjustments to make before returning to a next session
  3. Not yet there. The concept may not have been finalized yet and it will have to come back when the necessary adjustments have been made


The evening was followed by drinks between the guests present to discover and discuss common subjects.
Afterwork French Tech Shanghai

On October 13th, the Shanghai Hub officially joined the French Tech network and is working today to create a real community of start-ups and innovative French companies in Shanghai. It makes the audacious bet to highlight these French tech companies by putting forward professionals from different industries represented in Shanghai during the Open Pitch. Thanks to this, it responds to its three main missions:


  • Assemble: Group French Tech professionals, for easy access, collaboration and projects
  • Amplify: Be a single voice for the community and give everybody a voice to the outside world
  • Accelerate: Help local French entrepreneurs grow, open Shanghai eco-system to French companies

Action FrenchTechSH

For more information, you can consult the report of the evening on the official WeChat account of French Tech Shanghai. Follow future events and the open pitch coming on :

  • Twitter : @MBADMB, @LaFrenchTechSHA and also the hashtag #MBADMB
  • WeChat : LaFrenchTechShanghai


By Stéphanie Decollas

Student in Digital Marketing and Business in Shanghai #MBADMB

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