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Where to travel in China ?

China is so huge that we never know where to start a trip. Therefore I will show you two places to travel to and how to get from one to another. The two destinations I will talk about are Guilin and what’s nearby then Chengdu which is in the Sichuan, a bigger region than France.

Sundown in chengdu china,Little town of China Yangshuo,

Guilin chill and view site

Guilin is in the south of China from Shanghai and Beijing you have 3 hours flight and from Hong Kong only 1h30. then you can go to Chengdu by train in 6h30 or flight in 1h30 and sometimes a flight is really affordable. Don’t hesitate to check your option on Trip that works really well in China.

the reason why Guilin is such an amazing place to travel to is his scenery. You will be in the real countryside of China with beautiful landscape, mountains and rivers alike. You can start by discovering The Longji Rice Terraces that have both spectacular scenery and ethnic culture.

Afterward, you can take a cruise on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo to have the best experience and take a car on the way back or the other way around. You may take a stop at the twenty yuans bill at Xingping.

When you will arrive in Yangshuo you will have the opportunity to rent electric scooter where you stay or in a shop close by. It’s the best way to travel around this beautiful city. There are lots of spots to see and chill alongside the Li River all around the city. You can also climb some karstic Peaks, the green lotus is the easiest one to find. In the middle of this little town, you have one of the famous karts scenery. You may climb it for free from behind a massage parlor, at first you have stairs but be prepared for a real climb after that.
If you don’t feel adventurous, the other way works too but you will have to pay some fees.

Chengdu the panda’s city

One of the fifth biggest city in China is also the best place to go see pandas. You can volunteer in a center to feed them and be around them all day long. Or go to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding whose build to ensure the future survival of pandas.

Other than that Chengdu and the Sichuan offers one of the best foodies cultures of China. From the hot pot to the kung pao chicken you may have to hold on to your seat or ask “Bu la” (not spicy). Their specialties are known to be very spicy but also really good. You can’t pass on this opportunity to test the real taste of Sichuan’s food.

Leshan the biggest buddha close from chengdu

You could also take a train from Chengdu for a day trip to the humongous Leshan Giant Buddha viagra generika preis.
However, if you have time Kangding is the way to go.

From Chengdu to Kangding

The little city of Kangding is at 3 hours from Chengdu by bus at 3000m of altitudes. You may discover the most beautiful mountains views alongside rivers, lacs and some stunning monasteries. Between hiking and visiting the city, you may taste some Yak dumplings or yak’s milk dumplings that will give you another taste of Chinese specialties.
This place is great to spend your last days of this trip and enjoy the clean air of the mountains.

If after all of this you don’t have the anger to try traveling around China during the Chinese New year for example. Which is a great time because of the sense of hospitality that Chinese people have during this period. They may even welcome you to their home for dinner during the new year’s eve.

On my hand, going back soon as I could, was the way I felt on the way back home.


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