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Tiktok: the platform for intergenerationality


We no longer present it, Tiktok is an integral part of the spectrum of the largest social networks. The concept is simple: the creation and sharing of very short videos (60 seconds maximum). Creativity is in the spotlight, art, singing, physical performances or comedy. But the biggest hit of the application are playbacks, accompanied by mini scenes each one brings their own touch and it works!

Tiktok only exists for four years now, yet it gathered 800 millions active users all over the world in 2020. Without counting the additional 150 millions represented by Chineses that uses Douyin. Douyin is the chinese and original version of the app.

Although 41% of its users are teenagers between the ages of 16 and 24 we can also see  more and more elderlies joining the fun. Indeed, powered by their grandchild, some account are great demonstration of love and teach us a lesson. Whatever your age, there is no limit to have fun and to share.

And if you don’t believe me here’s a sample of what young and older can do together. I hope you like to  laugh.


Are we giants or is Lil tiny…? #fyp #algorythm #oldisgold #foryoupage @ciarralietke_

♬ original sound – Ayo

And the craze is real. Some of these videos can count thousands of views and even sometimes million of followers.

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