Book Review


Today, digital technology impacts us all. It influences our daily actions, the way we think, the way we get information, and so on.
So, to win over consumers, it’s essential to integrate digital into your marketing strategy.

The authors of “Le grand livre du marketing digital” are Claire Gallic and Rémy Marrone, two experts in digital marketing. Claire Gallic has worked as a Marketing & Communication Manager in social media tourism and digital agencies, and as a Mobile UX Project Manager. Rémy Marrone provides training in digital marketing for university managers and professionals, and supports companies.
The book was published in 2020 by Dunod.

This book provides the keys to digital marketing. It begins with a section on the fundamentals and trends of digital marketing. It then goes on to discuss the environmental footprint of digital marketing, as well as good ethical practices and inclusion in a digital marketing strategy. In the other sections, he explains how to create a website, reference it, get traffic and analyze traffic. Next, he explains how to optimize your presence and shine on professional social networks, develop your image on social networks, how to use online advertising, sponsored links and sponsored publications. Finally, it describes how to use influencer marketing to build brand awareness.
The Big Book of Digital Marketing is divided into 4 parts: understanding and defining your digital strategy, developing your online identity, activating your social media strategy and using online advertising. There are also inspiring interviews with professionals.

I personally found this book very comprehensive, covering all the main digital marketing themes. It gives everyone an overview of what digital marketing is and how to build a viable digital marketing strategy.

The book is both strategic and practical. In fact, it contains tutorials and concrete examples of how to implement strategies and use tools that perfectly illustrate the authors’ points.


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