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Automation in Google ADS: a growing trend

Google is making more and more room for automation and machine learning. High-performance automation can greatly help you manage your Google Ads campaigns. The time when the Manual CPC was in a position of strength is now over.

Automation allows many optimizations at the campaign level (which the human brain could not or would not necessarily have the time to find all of them).  Automation will help the advertiser to control its campaigns, without having to repeat or perform low value-added tasks. Thus, the advertiser will be more willing to think about his own marketing strategy.


Automatic activation of recommendations

In 2020 Google Ads will push this automation even further, sometimes with the automatic application of recommendations (and without this necessarily appearing in the history of changes to your account). It is recommended to be very vigilant and go to the new “Automatically Applied Recommendations Control Center” and check that it is not activated on your accounts if you don’t want this evolution to be active for the moment


Smart bidding

Smart Bidding, according to Google, helps maximize conversions or the value of conversions. Smart Bidding strategies use automatic learning to optimize your bids. By using automated bids, they adapt to the desired audience and deliver the right content, at the right time and to the right person.

Google would even eventually consider completely eliminating the possibility of placing manual bids on keywords in favor of automation in the future.



Google Ads scripts are used to perform automatic actions on your account. This can be done at all levels: campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords. It is in fact a very simple way to optimize your paid referencing campaigns. Accessible to all, these Google Ads scripts do not require any particular knowledge in Javascript. And it allows you to automate actions on your Google Ads account, rather than doing it manually.


These different formats do not yet replace the expertise of a Google Ads professional, but they do allow you to focus your efforts more on the analysis and performance of your campaigns and not on their implementation.

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