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Top 4 when Fashion fits Covid-19

In this year 2020 marked by a health crisis. It is not surprising to see the fashion world influenced by Covid-19 . The goal is still to dress fashionistas but also health professionals with Anti-Covid outfits. That’s why I decided to show you a Top 4 of the different things done all around our planet. Hoping to discover very soon something new in this year 2021 which is coming up. 

Indeed, the declination of the various masks in several colors being a basic in the Asian countries even before this health crisis. The international brands decided to go further to dress the citizens of our planet. This is why it is time to discover what they have done around the world.

1st : Two in One 

the brand Prettylittlesthings presented a Mask dress

This fall, the brand Prettylittlesthings presented a Mask dress in simple colors such as black, blue… and for the most extravagant in leopard print, Tie & Dye … A Buzz outfit that will sell out very quickly and dress many celebrities. The message being that it would be” Impossible to forget your mask this way!” FOR or AGAINST this fashion initiative of the brand, no message from PLT was addressed regarding the reliability of protection of this gown mask. 

 2nd : Matching Masks

Matching clothes with mask
Picture unknown

Some Japanese brands have decided to provide, masks that go with their product, such as with this sweater. Making it much easier for us to find or make DIY masks to match our outfits. 

3rd : The creation of Mask store stores specializing in fashion masks “ opened at Haneda Airport in Tokyo from October 2020. Customers can find more than 500 types of fashion masks suitable for every customer, regardless of age or gender. At the end of the years, some of them are all the rage, such as the “Saramask” and “Poka Mask” models, but also customization accessories such as Swarovski® and mask straps.

4th  : Being Fashionable at work with the Covid

Chinese Fashion Week protective equipment

During this Chinese Fashion Week in December, major haute couture shows such as the Dior men’s fall-winter 2021-2022 live broadcast were held in China, combining creations blending Asian tradition. 

During this CFW, China decided to present the latest trends in personal protective equipment in the fight against Covid on December 5, 2020 in the city of Dandong, Lioning province. The show will include a series of equipment manufactured by Chinese companies for various professions in the front line against the Covid.

Do not think that brands are the only ones interested in Covid. Celebrities too (link)

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