After my studies at l’ESSCA and work experience in Fashion I decided to spend my last in Shanghai for the MBABMB in Digitial Business and Marketing. A choice that I don’t regret today.

During this seven months Shanghai experience, I discovered the new world of Asia, regarding China but also around China.

Only in China, I learnt so much about the Chinese consumption regarding fashion and the luxury industry. According to your culture and your civilization development, you don’t like the same things and you are looking for a different customer experience. This is where I understand how you need to answer to a customer need perfectly. You need to adapt.

Another bad thing is that pollution in Asia and mostly in Shanghai made me realized how bad the global warming was and that we need to act against it.

This is why I felt that I need to do something merging fashion, where I always loved and worked in, and sustainability.

So I decided to launch a new sustainable couture brand that had to respond to a need for the customer (Occidental customer because I was going back to Paris after the MBABMB).

This is why I created a new business model by susbcription for my brand named The Ethiquette.

And after my trip in India, I wanted to create a mix between craftmanships of India and Paris’ couture .

So what is the company ?

The Ethiquette is a semi-couture brand designed and made in Paris with letfovers fabrics from French couture maisons and old saris from India.

The brand is mostly evening wear and only accessible by membership subscription.

 The concept is made for socialites and fashionable women who need various outfits for going out and events.

 This subscription per year allows you to rent a certain number of looks per year according to your subscription.

In addition, you have access to our private events organized for our members and avantages threw our partnerships.

Here is the website :

And Instagram :