Coronavirus accelerates the use of drones in China

Coronavirus accelerates the use of drones in China


Drones at the heart of the fight's policy of Covid-19


The global race for innovation has opened its doors to the emergence of the UAV in the field of parcel delivery to individuals. The use is for three main purposes: military use, professional use and civil use. Professional use refers to several uses from audiovisual to agriculture. Defined at first sight as a “gadget”, this revolutionary object is becoming a flagship object in the 21st century and is becoming increasingly indispensable in a multitude of sectors.

The drone represents a technical feat, it is the symbol of innovation. Its use in various fields highlights the country’s technological advance.


UAVs in the service of security

The Coronavirus has struck the world and changed everyone’s habits. People on the front line have to confront with Covid-19 on a daily basis. UAVs are involved in maintaining public safety by transmitting messages, disinfecting public spaces, monitoring compliance with safety instructions but also spotting dangerous activities, the aim being to keep the Chinese as safe as possible from spreading the virus.


UAVs at the service of personal deliveries

The explosion of e-commerce, mainly in Asia, has upset the consumption patterns of all Chinese generations.

The first tests of the UAV as a means of parcel delivery date back to 2015 by the giant Amazon, but it is only in 2019 that the subject of UAV is really serious. The UAV is a major challenge and Alibaba must be present in this field.

The arrival of the coronavirus in China will accelerate the use of UAVs. Indeed, the confinement, the fear of the virus, the clusters, are forcing the government to take measures to satisfy the needs of its population without them having to go outside.

One of the main advantages of UAV delivery is that it can reach more remote and less accessible rural areas. A strong point reinforced by the presence of Covid-19

The drone will then be able to deliver parcels to individuals suffering from the disease and placed in quarantine.


Shady areas

This delivery technique existing for several years but is subject to numerous reservations such as individual safety being called into question by potential misuse that could harm others. Indeed, UAVs take on many functions such as for armed attacks, violations of confidential data, but also burglaries. Beyond security reasons, drones represent a material danger as well as visual pollution.

Its use in China remains more complicated than on the American continent. In fact, this is due to the government’s very tight control of the air zone.


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