Book Review : The House That Jack Ma Built

The House That Jack Ma Built


Seven tips for entrepreneurs from Jack Ma and the Alibaba story

In this article, I’m going to present you a book that inspired me a lot. It is “Alibaba, The House That Jack Ma Built.”


I. Jack Ma

To begin with, who is Jack Ma? Jack Ma is none other than one of the most powerful men in the world: the founder of Alibaba.

He created a name for himself in 1994 with his first company: Haibo Translation Agency; a translation agency. He doesn’t want to stop there. Full of ambition, Jack Ma wants to reduce the delay of his country in the conquest of the Internet. He then created Alibaba Group. No need to describe Alibaba to you, it is today one of the most successful companies in the history of e-commerce.


II ” Alibaba, The House That Jack Ma Built


Let’s now focus on Duncan Clark’s book, “The Incredible Story of Jack Ma”. Released in 2017, Duncan Clark, businessman, entrepreneur and investor wanted to tell us about the particular success story of Alibaba.

This book aims to:

  • Trace the biography of Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire
  • Tell the story of Alibaba
  • Describe the development that China has gone through in the last decade

We will mainly focus on the history of Alibaba. Te aime is to understand the role that the group has played in the development of the country.

It is following a trip to the United States in the late 90s that Jack Ma connects for the first time to the Internet and understands that China is not integrated in the digital world and wants to offer a solution.

Alibaba, created in 1999, aims to connect professional buyers and sellers before offering other services such as CtoC transactions or the avant-garde Alipay payment solution. On this path to success, Alibaba was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007 and on the New York one in 2014.

However, we cannot count only successes in the history of Alibaba. The company had to overcome obstacles such as difficulties in finding competent employees, not really visible results, the power of the government making it impossible to implement all the wishes of Jack Ma or even a development in the midst of economic crisis.

All these reasons almost pushed Jack Ma to leave Alibaba and to go back to his teacher status. However, he never gave up on his company.

We note that today Alibaba is the fourth largest company in the world in terms of cloud and employs more than 100 000 people worldwide.


III.        Alibaba’s role in China’s development


Alibaba was created at the end of the 90s, at that time China is far from being a major player in the economy, on the contrary it is lagging behind. Internet access was complicated and Jack Ma saw the opportunity of the digital world.

He proposes an economy in China, a modern economy proposing consumption via the Internet, without sales point: an advance in the country. Indeed, when Jack Ma proposes such a model, nobody believes in the Internet and the role it can have in today’s society.

Jack Ma comes back from the US and proposes an economic model based on a service unknown by the Chinese. The latter do not know the Internet, their deductions are great.

Jack Ma offers by Alibaba Group, a new way to see the world, a world offering many opportunities such as digital consumption, online payment and many other services. Chinese consumers are very receptive to this mode of consumption and it keeps growing at a crazy pace.

Without Alibaba, China would not have had such an exponential development and would not be so present in the globalization. Today, China is an example of technology.

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Source : The House That Jack Ma Built



The 6G Race

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The 6G :

As soon as the 5G arrived on the market, the race for the 6G begins. Indeed, the 5G auction ended only a few months ago, and 5G has been at the heart of the digital news. But it is now 6G that is driving the web. Indeed, the digital stakes are major and positioning oneself at the right time means taking advantage. Europe, China and even the United States are on the starting block and are beginning to research the subject so as not to be quickly pushed out of the race. The challenges of both 6G and 5G are not only technological, but also economic and political. Positioning oneself in the field is essential for the credibility of the country’s advances and know-how.

The approximate date of 6G is around 2030, in no less than 10 years 6G should be accessible.

The adversaries:

 The Europeans are facing tough opponents: the Koreans, the first to launch 5G, but also China and the United States. These countries are the kings of digital and new technologies.

China was on the project for several years. This avant-garde country, when it comes to digital technology, intends to be number 1 in the race. CEO Huwei wants to offer a technology that is accessible “on land, sea, in the air, and in space”. The technological means employed go beyond our imagination.

Technological achievements:

The world leader in mobile telephony, Samsung talks about its ambitions for the coming of 6G.  The Korean giant speaks in its white paper published last summer about streaming in 16K, a so-called extended reality with holograms and digital doubles. The 6G would open the doors of new multimedia experiences.

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Coronavirus accelerates the use of drones in China

Coronavirus accelerates the use of drones in China


Drones at the heart of the fight's policy of Covid-19


The global race for innovation has opened its doors to the emergence of the UAV in the field of parcel delivery to individuals. The use is for three main purposes: military use, professional use and civil use. Professional use refers to several uses from audiovisual to agriculture. Defined at first sight as a “gadget”, this revolutionary object is becoming a flagship object in the 21st century and is becoming increasingly indispensable in a multitude of sectors.

The drone represents a technical feat, it is the symbol of innovation. Its use in various fields highlights the country’s technological advance.


UAVs in the service of security

The Coronavirus has struck the world and changed everyone’s habits. People on the front line have to confront with Covid-19 on a daily basis. UAVs are involved in maintaining public safety by transmitting messages, disinfecting public spaces, monitoring compliance with safety instructions but also spotting dangerous activities, the aim being to keep the Chinese as safe as possible from spreading the virus.


UAVs at the service of personal deliveries

The explosion of e-commerce, mainly in Asia, has upset the consumption patterns of all Chinese generations.

The first tests of the UAV as a means of parcel delivery date back to 2015 by the giant Amazon, but it is only in 2019 that the subject of UAV is really serious. The UAV is a major challenge and Alibaba must be present in this field.

The arrival of the coronavirus in China will accelerate the use of UAVs. Indeed, the confinement, the fear of the virus, the clusters, are forcing the government to take measures to satisfy the needs of its population without them having to go outside.

One of the main advantages of UAV delivery is that it can reach more remote and less accessible rural areas. A strong point reinforced by the presence of Covid-19

The drone will then be able to deliver parcels to individuals suffering from the disease and placed in quarantine.


Shady areas

This delivery technique existing for several years but is subject to numerous reservations such as individual safety being called into question by potential misuse that could harm others. Indeed, UAVs take on many functions such as for armed attacks, violations of confidential data, but also burglaries. Beyond security reasons, drones represent a material danger as well as visual pollution.

Its use in China remains more complicated than on the American continent. In fact, this is due to the government’s very tight control of the air zone.


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Coronavirus : des drones et des robots pour combattre l’épidémie


Emotional intelligence at the service of digital marketing

Emotional intelligence at the service of digital marketing



What is emotional intelligence?

“Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to perceive accurately, appraise, and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings when they facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and the ability to regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth” (Salovey et Mayer, 1990).

Emotional intelligence in digital marketing

Digital advertising has developed exponentially in recent years. Its performance is based on user data. Indeed, this data allows you to target and personalize your advertising in order to reach the right audience and to be as effective as possible. Extremely linked to users, their needs and desires, digital marketing must place the consumer at the heart of its concerns. Indeed, marketing is no longer what we call a “product centric” but a “consumer centric”. This means that the advertiser places the customer at the heart of its strategy, it must respond as best as possible to his expectations and above all to his needs.

How do we make the link between emotional intelligence and digital marketing?

EI, a performance tool

Knowing the usefulness of emotional intelligence within a digital marketing strategy is one thing, knowing how to use it with ingenuity is another.

The limits of an emotional intelligence exploited by an artificial intelligence

Emotional intelligence can find its limits when coupled with artificial intelligence.

As mentioned, the main purchases are made emotionally and not rationally. Touching the emotions of the consumer then becomes a major issue. AI (Artificial Intelligence) therefore plays an important role in this data collection.

The collection of its data therefore has a limit: that of ethics. The user is the victim of data collection to which he has not necessarily consented. This is the questioning of the massive data collection giving rise to Big Data.


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