The 6G Race

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The 6G :

As soon as the 5G arrived on the market, the race for the 6G begins. Indeed, the 5G auction ended only a few months ago, and 5G has been at the heart of the digital news. But it is now 6G that is driving the web. Indeed, the digital stakes are major and positioning oneself at the right time means taking advantage. Europe, China and even the United States are on the starting block and are beginning to research the subject so as not to be quickly pushed out of the race. The challenges of both 6G and 5G are not only technological, but also economic and political. Positioning oneself in the field is essential for the credibility of the country’s advances and know-how.

The approximate date of 6G is around 2030, in no less than 10 years 6G should be accessible.

The adversaries:

 The Europeans are facing tough opponents: the Koreans, the first to launch 5G, but also China and the United States. These countries are the kings of digital and new technologies.

China was on the project for several years. This avant-garde country, when it comes to digital technology, intends to be number 1 in the race. CEO Huwei wants to offer a technology that is accessible “on land, sea, in the air, and in space”. The technological means employed go beyond our imagination.

Technological achievements:

The world leader in mobile telephony, Samsung talks about its ambitions for the coming of 6G.  The Korean giant speaks in its white paper published last summer about streaming in 16K, a so-called extended reality with holograms and digital doubles. The 6G would open the doors of new multimedia experiences.

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