Emotional intelligence at the service of digital marketing



What is emotional intelligence?

“Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to perceive accurately, appraise, and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings when they facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and the ability to regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth” (Salovey et Mayer, 1990).

Emotional intelligence in digital marketing

Digital advertising has developed exponentially in recent years. Its performance is based on user data. Indeed, this data allows you to target and personalize your advertising in order to reach the right audience and to be as effective as possible. Extremely linked to users, their needs and desires, digital marketing must place the consumer at the heart of its concerns. Indeed, marketing is no longer what we call a “product centric” but a “consumer centric”. This means that the advertiser places the customer at the heart of its strategy, it must respond as best as possible to his expectations and above all to his needs.

How do we make the link between emotional intelligence and digital marketing?

EI, a performance tool

Knowing the usefulness of emotional intelligence within a digital marketing strategy is one thing, knowing how to use it with ingenuity is another.

The limits of an emotional intelligence exploited by an artificial intelligence

Emotional intelligence can find its limits when coupled with artificial intelligence.

As mentioned, the main purchases are made emotionally and not rationally. Touching the emotions of the consumer then becomes a major issue. AI (Artificial Intelligence) therefore plays an important role in this data collection.

The collection of its data therefore has a limit: that of ethics. The user is the victim of data collection to which he has not necessarily consented. This is the questioning of the massive data collection giving rise to Big Data.


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