How to manage negative comments on social media ?

Have you ever wondered how to manage negative comments on social media ? 

In the era of digitalism, social media is a must have for companies to thrive. Indeed, videos on Youtube, post on Facebook and promotional photos on Instagram can definitely make the difference and trigger increase profits in no time. That is why social media became very popular in such a short time in marketing. Not only it provides you a good visibility for users from all around the planet but also it’s often budget free. Nevertheless, social media can also become the cause of a business downfall.

As social media gives freedom of opinion to everybody you never know when an angry customer may come up with a negative comment on your brand. Comments full of hatred and disappointment can ruin the prestige and reputation of your business hence it’s much important to manage negativity on social media.

No matter how good your product is, or how well your team works, negative comments on social media are unavoidable. You’re probably aware by now that using social media opens up the world of comments both positive and negative. Responding to such comments is neither a fun task nor easy to do but you cannot let it go unhandled as they directly target your company’s products and services. That’s why you should learn how to handle negative customers feedback. 

There are six steps to follow to well manage negative comments on your social page:

  1. Categorize  
  2. Make a copy
  3. Don’t delete 
  4. Be active ! 
  5. Stay cool 
  6. Personalize 

Check the full infographic on my LinkedIn account.

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