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TikTok as a new business tool.

TikTok in 2021

As Adrien Barbé shows us in his article « TikTok to expand new business branches », social media have taken an important place in our daily life and now in our professional life. Today, more than 53% of the population is active on social media. Moreover, in 2016, TikTok did is big apparition on the market. In France, there are 14.9 million monthly users, 4 million daily users, and 38% of users have between 13 and 17 years old. Furthermore, TikTok has a 19% of engagement rate what makes France the 9th country with the most influencers. Indeed, TikTok is a friendly app for the business. Adrien Barbé is presenting this app as a new communication way to increase the business with different tools : popular music, different typologies, and colours.

Social media like TikTok are now a new way of business, a new way to increase turnover and a new way for communication. Business and marketing have begun to change since the arrival of social media, it is just the beginning of a new business area.

TikTok in the business universe

In his article, Adrien Barbé presents TikTok as the new communication way for LinkedIn, E-commerce, and the business. And he is right because this social media is going to be more present in the business universe, TikTok will become the new way of communication and sell. As told previously, TikTok is the new friend for business because it offers your company the opportunity to catch more and more clients in less time than a communication campaign. With 800 million daily users in the world, an app downloaded more than 2 billion times, and available in 155 countries, every company whatever the sector should have a TikTok marketing strategy.

Indeed, Jeffrey M. O’Brien has written in 2021: « For every million dollars that brands spend on influencer marketing on TikTok, they are seeing $7.2 million in sales over the first 90 days. TikTok says that the number of companies running ads on its platform jumped 500% in 2020.». What Jeffrey M. O’Brien said in his article confirm what Adrien Barbé wrote: TikTok is more than a social media, it is now a business tool. Indeed, TikTok could be the perfect tool for your marketing campaign if your target is teenagers or young adults. Some brands as McDonald’s or Sephora have begun to do it to increase their sell. Moreover, companies have begun to create a partnership with TikTok: Spotify for the music, Creator Marketplace to find a TikTok influencer, TikTok Shop Seller University to help you to increase your business on TikTok, etc. That represent so many business opportunities to size now. Even though this app is young, but five different ways of advertising are already proposed on it:

  • Top View: your video is in the best place for 60 seconds.
  • Brand Take over: an image is present from 3 to 5 seconds at the opening
  • Infeed ads: an ad like a user video in your feed
  • Hashtag challenge: for events from 3 to 6 days
  • Brand image: stickers, filters, or brand effects

All of these tools could offer your company the opportunity to increase the turnover, the customers base, and the brand identity. But to have a successful TikTok campaign is important to make a great targeting because TikTok has very young users: 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

Does TikTok have any limits ?

To resume: TikTok is a very young app with, TikTok have a huge business and marketing potential, and the attendance of TikTok is very young (38% of French users have between 13 and 17 years old). And this is one of the main limits of this social media. We can ask ourselves if the app doesn’t have a bad impact on the behaviour of younger people. Indeed, some teenagers and children are falling in dependency on TikTok and that concerns and warry parents. Furthermore, The exposition on social media and particularly on TikTok increase stalking.

Of course, stalking is present on every social media, but it is very common on TikTok for a few months. This stalking is very dangerous here on TikTok because of the user age: they are very young and not strong to face so much evil. Unfortunately, this kind of stalking is sometimes too much and is finished by suicide. Recently, it is a suicide video that was distributed on TikTok. Stalking is a real and the main problem of TikTok social media because the first goal of the app is to enjoy yourself on it and not to create extreme unhappiness and sometimes definitely unhappiness. To limit this bad effect on younger users, some countries have taken a radical decision: it the case in China, people under 14 years old could spend only 40min on TikTok.

What to retain?

In my point of view, TikTok is going to increase again and again with a lot of marketing and business opportunities. It could be a great marketing tool if professional people use it well and target it well. TikTok is the future of E-commerce, communication and business in general. But, as a personal opinion, TikTok should make more attention to what people watch, what people post, and what people comment on it. It is in the interest of everyone to protect the younger.×64.png


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