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What is the Chinese Valentine’s Day called 520 ?

In China, there are 3 special days during the year to celebrate love. Let’s focus on the 520, what is it?

Today is May 20 also known as the 520. This day is taking its origin from the pronunciation of I love you in Chinese. Indeed, I love you “我爱你 wǒ ài nǐ” is similar to “五二零 wǔ èr líng”.

This internet Valentine’s day is dedicated to the expression of love. From small to luxury brands, both have been taken this opportunity to create special campaigns.

Along the years, May 21 has become the day of the lover’s positive answer. So it’s common for men to offer gifts to Women during the 520 and vice versa during the 521. However, it is not limited to lovers and some Chinese offer gift to friends or families. Many couple have chosen this date to get married as well.

During the 520 & 521, e-commerce is touching mainly Generation Z thanks to the different touchpoints on social media like WeChat or Weibo.

Some brands created a special collection/product for the 521 or collaborated with a KOL. It is also possible to find discount coupons.


Let’s take a look at 2 different campaigns:

Florasis 520 campaign 2021

FLORASIS, a cosmetics brand, campaign for the 520.
Limited edition lipsticks that express love: “520” (I love you) & “7319” (Love remains)


Coach 520 campaign 2021


COACH campaign for the 520
Collection of bags revisited especially for the 520 for her and for him.
Weibo post “How do you make sure that he / she receives your heartbeat signal accurately? Embellish with the love the embroidery elements on the handbags, master the secret code of love and of your heart, show your love as soon as possible for the 520! ”


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By Manon Anger

In love with Asia and China, I'm a MBA Digital Marketing & Business Shanghai student.

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