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What Everyone Must Know About LinkedIn Social Selling Index

LinkedIn is one of the Great Social Media platforms when it comes to business. It’s our professional footprint on the internet. To leverage your LinkedIn profile well-informing, it is critical. Make your profile stand out on Search engines before an interview, a sales meeting or even before a public intervention changes everything. LinkedIn holds 380 million profiles; being in the top one guarantees you a much higher exposure.

CLICK & Test your profile selling capacity you’ll need to pass it through the LinkedIn Social Index. After what, you will get your dashboard, displaying information related to your profile and it’s potential.


My personal score : I have work to do!
My score: I have work to do!

“The Social Selling Index (SSI) has been an important tool for sales professionals who want to go beyond social selling activities and measure how those individual efforts add up” says LinkedIn Teams

From this dashboard, LinkedIn is going to give you a feedback and a score of your LinkedIn Actions. A passive account will be between 15 and 25, and an active one will be around 85 and more.

Going back to the four different categories compiled on LinkedIn


Building your professional Brand


  • Enhance your profile visually. Having a professional picture or adding a coloured edging around your image will make your profile stand out compared to your competitors.
  • Write your profile for your audience. Keep in mind that the guy reading your profile won’t care that you have two dogs and three rabbits. He will like to know what have you achieved, what makes you so unique.
  • Publish relevant content. Simple to say but hard apply. Relevant content is an article, a picture or anything that when read will make you say learned something”. It doesn’t have to be something that relates to a famous brand. Sharing niche content that concerns your industry will get you to interact with fewer people but a much more qualified audience. An easy tip, don’t hesitate to click the like button when someone that you follow comments something or shares something, especially if he is an expert in your industry. LinkedIn will count it as an “active” moment on your account.


Finding the right people


  • Leverage your introduction message. Going through a resume is boring but a clear and straightforward introduction is saying who you are what you did and where do you want to go is key. Also, it can be severable as a starter for a conversation.
  • Use as much as possible “who watched my profile?” this feature enables you to test if your profile attracts the right audience. If I see that my profile is bringing people working in the food industry and I’m in the spaceship industry there is a problem.
  • Also, use as much as a possible LinkedIn group. It’s complicated to jump into a team and be relevant straight away. Taking your time to understand the rules, the people in this group can be a huge nest for future clients/employers.
  • Use as much as a possible LinkedIn search engine; you have so many possibilities to search. Investigating someone’s profile can be essential when meeting him/her for an interview or meeting.


Leverage LinkedIn info collection to contact people


  • Stay in people’s head by sharing relevant and recent content. Giving out critical data is a great way to impose yourself on the industry.
  • Sending an introductory message when inviting someone to connect is an easy and efficient way to increase your SSI score. It’s also an excellent way to start a conversation. PLEASE; avoid BOTs, I prefer no message than a poorly targeted bot Saying “Hello Charlie, it’s nice to connect” gives me goosebumps, talking to a robot.


Build relations


  • Connect with people you know, have on Facebook, have their email address, have their WeChat … Easy to do and great to have a well-qualified audience straight away.
  • Connect with the key leaders in your domain and industry. This will enable you to always be on track regarding content and what is trending right now.


To conclude

This feature is offered by LinkedIn to push people towards the Sales Navigator accounts, a feature that will help you “increase your SSI by 20% within six months” says LinkedIn.

Keep in mind this score evaluate if you’re active or not and not if you are relevant or not. It is nice to look at it sometime to ensure that you are aggressive enough. Giving your place in the industry, it’s an excellent way to motivate yourself on getting your LinkedIn more attractive and active.

I haven’t tried the Sales Navigator and Premium account feature, but my account looks good, and my SSI is too, so it’s not mandatory. Whereas having a Premium account is vital in some moment of your life such as when looking for a job or when you’re job is Sales can help you.

By Charlie Bussat

A relentless craving to push past my limits and try new things. Humble confidence to take on big challenges, make mistakes fast and early, embrace feedback, then recover quickly with fresh, startlingly solutions. A fearless willingness to defend great work.

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