Surf Escape from Shanghai : Siargao in Philippines

If you have the chance to be able to go out of China during your stay or if you live in Shanghai, you will want to travel in Asia.

If you like to surf, boat days, nice restaurants, best beaches, well paradise… Go to Siargao.

You can actually go for a long weekend escape, it only takes 3,5 hours to get there from Shanghai with a little transit in Manila. But you can as well stay for a month, this is the island where you never get bored.

Still very preserved from tourists, Siargao is the authentic paradise surf sport island. It is getting more and more developped but with the will to keep the charm and the authenticity of the island. Some people compare the atmosphere as Bali 30 years ago.


So, if you plan to go there, here are our recommandations.

Regarding the parties, there is a place to be everynight where everyone goes. Fortunately, Siargao has the chance to not be surronded by too many tourists and there is always place for everybody, it is not too packed.




KERMIT – pizza, truffle risotto, pan seared tuna, happy hour from 4-7 (B1T1 cocktails, 35 peso beers)

BRAVO – Paella, pork belly tacos, tuna tataki, sangria pitcher, pomada, crispy chicken sandwich

HARANA – try their espresso bar (filibeans), coconut kinilaw, sizzling chickenjoy, shawarma bowl, tuna steak

KAWAYAN – go to their bakery and try their pastries made by their French pastry chef (must try: lemon tart &a croissant)

KALINAW – pizza, any pasta really, tuna carpaccio, and the triple chocolate cake

MIGUEL’S TACQUERIA – 100 peso tacos and burritos (must try: fish tacos!!)

BARREL – Dirt cheap roasted chicken with white sauce on crack

LUNARES – coffee and French pastries (if picking, pick Kawayan)

SHAKA – smoothie bowls

PALAKA – crepes and waffles

VIVO INN – Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

BAKES – coffee and Kobe the American bulldog

CFC – best fried chicken in the island

WARUNG- nasi rames, laksa

PAN DE COCO (infront of church by intersection)




SURF- look for Osot Alcala. He’ll arrange the board rental and boat for you. It’s 500php an hour for instructor and board. 150 for boat (0939) 302 2899

MOTOR – best way to get around the island is if you rent a scooter or habal Habal look for Lucas for motor rental (09993639213) if you aren’t confident you can rent a trike Boboy Indigo (09052259025)

ISLAND HOPPING – a must! Spend the most time in Guyam (make it your last stop; they have rock pools in the afternoon when tide is low) book the Galatea and look for Bianca (+639209093725)

SUGBA LAGOON – SUP, diving on a board, swimming in a lagoon surrounded by mangroves and rock formations

MAGPUPUNGKO – not really my favorite, but if you have the time, visit it for the rock pools and secluded beach

WALK ON THE BEACH/ LOUNGE AROUND – start in the beach front across Buddha and walk towards the right (super quiet in the afternoon when it’s low tide) or Cloud Nine’s beach front (look for Oscar the golden retriever)

SOHOTON – This is a 3 hour boat ride but so so beautiful. Caving, cliffs and swimming with stingless jellyfish


NIGHTLIFE- Everyone just goes to one place every night

Monday : Rum Bar’s Monday Madness

Tuesday : Viento del Mar’s Art & Trivia Night

Wednesday : Bravo’s Pintxo Pote night

Thursday : Buddha’s Open Mic Night

Friday: Tattoo Jungle Disco with pre-party at Viento del Mar

Saturday : Harana’s Sabado Sunset

Sunday : Bravo’s Aftersurf Sundays



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