Your browsing experience is ruined by online advertisements, to the cost of your privacy and security. Between pop-up videos, ads that take up the entire screen, and ads that you can’t close, you can go crazy when attempting to navigate. Moreover with the current trend. It is expected that the volume of these ads will continue to increase over time.

Many ad blockers promise to avoid interruptions and protect you from the dangers of malware.


The dangers of online advertising

The real issue at stake is the protection of personal data, which new advertisers are fond of and against which it is very difficult to protect themselves.  To target Internet users, these new advertisers have two strategies: either to offer “free” services in exchange for our personal data, or to spy on our machine without knowing it.



Here is a list of the best Ads blockers of 2021 to ensure you a smooth and peaceful browsing experience on the web. Although it is possible to find premium ad blocking software, there is no reason to spend money to buy one. The best solutions are free. This list includes a mix of very effective tools for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, not to mention Android and iOS.



AdBlock has been around for more than a decade and remains one of the best ad blockers on the market. It is probably the most used and best known ad blocking system in the world. The browser extension offers excellent compatibility, the ability to block ads on the web and customizable features for advanced control. The app is free and compatible with all major browsers.



The Opera web browser has a built-in ad blocker, so you won’t need third-party extensions. In addition, Opera also blocks spyware cookies from many sites, for more anonymity and a more private browsing experience. Opera is growing in popularity, with its feature-rich interface and excellent performance, and it offers an integrated VPN for even more security.

Opera is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.



More than just a browser plugin, AdLock also offers Windows and Android tools that help block ads in all your applications. As a free plugin on Chrome, AdLock proves to be an extremely powerful and efficient tool.

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