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DMB Shanghai Breaking News

‘The sky is high, and the emperor is far away’ Chinese proverb

We are almost at the end of November, cold and grey weather has arrived, which embraces Shanghai in a winter atmosphere. At the same time, the DMB students are having many projects to work on, to be sure that our brains don’t freeze! Here we go for a short overview:

‘How to address Chinese Consumers traveling overseas’

We declined that problematic for luxury brands, such as Panerai, Eve Lom, or Ralph Lauren. We made our research on understanding the Chinese Consumers behavior when traveling, their profiles and respective habits & values.

Every team worked on digitizing the customers journey. For example, by implementing QR codes in stores, by promoting adapted content in different channels such as WeChat (800 millions of Chinese users). We discovered so many possibilities, from Beacons to Chatbots, to empower traditional activities with technologies.

In a nutshell: We talked about VR experience for jewelry, holograms for watches, WeChat for CRM, and the importance of KOL in the Chinese market. Ralph Lauren team focused on the Japanese destination. How a WeChat brand account would look likeHow your Brand account would look like on WeChat Holograms can provide a great test&try experience
Business Development in China

We are in Shanghai creating the bridge between the Occidental and Chinese Digital world. Therefore, we need to understand Chinese world.

1- We started our writing lessons and speaking Chinese. In order to deeply understand the Chinese culture.

2- Classes about dealing with ‘Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics’. To understand how concretely business is running here, taught by: Sir Zhao Wei.

In a nutshell:

1978 Deng XIAOPING, starts the Chinese Economic Reform, from a planned economy to market economy. The beginning of a long and irregular progression.
Chinese culture is collective. Group orientated compared to western culture, far more individual what impacts all social codes and rules.

Yes, we are almost billingualThe table bellow shows how different the Western and Chinese culture can be different. Fat pigs get eaten vs fat pigs get promotion. Differences between Western and Chinese deal-making & disputing culturesJunior Consulting Project

All along our semester, we have a consulting survey to do, concerning a digital professional project. We are several teams, working for Axa, Somfy, HUB institute, Fred&Farid and Equancy.

All the projects are digital oriented and concern actual trends. The Axa team is working on understanding the Chinese millennials and their new ways of consuming.
For Somfy it’s about developing the e-commerce strategy of a smart home product in China. Hub Institute team will manage the organization of the stand at the CES Asia convention in June.

Last big News: We are #WSC

We are Wu Song Clan! Each class of the MBA DMB had to choose a representative name. So why Wu Song Clan? In reference to our campus location in Shanghai “Wu Song Road” and the famous “Wu Tang Clan” group. Just Wu Song Clan it! What happened while we were drinking working on these projects:

Alibaba did a 17,8 billion sales in 24h. WeChat announces the launch of MiniApps, empowering their platform and disrupting the AppStore. Ctrip bought Skyscanner and goes international. Click edit button to change this text. Click edit button to change this text.

By Etienne Serres

Multicultural student (tck) having my masters in Shanghai.
After living in several countries I am now in China to discover and understand the local culture & digital.

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