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How to get delivered food in China with (饿了么)

In my last post, I had a focus on the home delivery market in China. Indeed it is already happened that you to want to eat your favorite restaurant from your sofa? Or simply have some beers delivered for a evening with friends? Now is the time to explain you how to use one of the market’s leading applications to make you life easier.

First Part: How To set your profile

                                                       1- First open the APP on your smartphone                                                             

2- Click on the profile button



3- Click on the first one to set up your adress


4- Click there to add a new adress


5- Here is how to set up your adress fill all


So now that everithing is set up you can start to do your first order on the app !

Second part: How to order on

1- Go back to the main screen, there is different categories of products

( Supermarket, Fast food..)  Let’s choose Supermarket



2- Let’s select the place we are going to order from


 3– Like here some stores need a minimum price to be delivered



4-When you click on the basket you can see all your order

and just clic on the green button to finish it



5- On the right corner you can see the estimated delivery time

and you can change it also. The total amount of your order

is detailed here, delivery costs and discounts included.



6- Now you have 15 min to pay your order through 4 differents way



7- Your delivery is now on the way, you can track your order by gps.

It is also possible to contact the delivery man by telephone.

It is very common that delivery man  call you for additional informations.



Now you are able to order your favorite dishes from your sofa.

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