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Be more efficient: discover the solution-focused approach

Are you solution-focused? Let’s discover more about how you can improve your daily life with this approach!

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Finding an idea of a solution instead of focusing on a problem

At first, it comes from a way of expressing feelings and sensations in a therapy language. Using this method, people tend to be more optimistic and can perceive more about what they need to change. It is a way not to feel stopped by a problem. 

This method can easily fit to a work environment. Indeed, during meetings or even for a personal work, we all tend to focus on what is going wrong to evaluate solutions and overcome the problem. We spend a lot of time calculating the figures, ask ourselves about the issues to be sure to have the right solution appropriated. However, this kind of behavior is really time consuming.

Instead of focusing on the problem, the method above is focused on the solution (as it appears in the name). It helps to see further and not being stuck when we are confronted to an issue. We are indeed creating a possible future instead of looking backward. It all implies a work dynamic and, for example, can create an evolution between relationship in a work team.

Charles Bark, CEO of HiNounou adopted this solution. After a family matter, he realized something can and will be done. The startup provides help for seniors to leave longer, healthier and happier at home, while ensuring peace of mind to their children. HiNounou connects health’s seniors to their children through innovative technologies. If you want to learn more about what the company does, feel free to read this article, and also this is their website

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