Luxury & Digital, the new luxury territories

The new book of Eric Briones : Luxe & Digital

Les nouveaux territoires du luxe


Who is Éric Briones ?  

Éric Briones is a recognized specialist in the luxury industry, and more specifically in the consequences of digitalization on this sector. In 2017, he founded “Darkplanning“, a strategic planning firm dedicated to the luxury, fashion, and beauty sectors.

He has worked for nearly 20 years in the luxury, fashion, and beauty industry alongside the biggest brands (Hermès, Le Printemps, L’Oréal Luxe, Vuitton, LVMH, Chanel, Boucheron, etc.).

Also known as an author, he co-wrote the books Luxe & Resilience (January 2021), Le Choc Z (January 2020), Luxe et Digital (March 2016), GenY et le Luxe (January 2014), published by Dunod.

As a speaker and innovation expert in the luxury and premium sectors, his presentations are appreciated for their spectacular and avant-garde dimensions.

He notably addresses the following topics:

– the digitalization of the luxury, fashion and beauty industries and its challenges

– learning to decode Generations Y and Z

– how to reach the male target in the luxury, fashion, and beauty sectors

Luxury and Digital, the new territories of luxury 

Towards luxury 3.0 and beyond! The book puts us back in the context of the covid crisis.

March 2020, not a shadow of a customer in store. With their foot on the gas pedal, luxury brands are rushing to pursue their online exiled customers and take the digital turn. They are heading for a new territory full of hope, the web3.

This book deals with the main topics related to the web. On the program NFT, metaverses and blockchain. Eric Briones makes us understand that nowadays, imagination is the only limit.

Digital transformation is everywhere, affecting all sectors, including luxury. This book looks at digital luxury and proposes a vision so that everyone can find the right path to thrive in this great chaos called digitalization.

The first part proposes a shock therapy to eliminate digital complexes, and then looks forward to a near future, that of Postdigital luxury. The second part of the book is a collaborative effort involving 14 experts (influence, big data, China, social commerce, retail, e-advertising, product content, experience, transformation, and customer journey), each of whom takes stock of the current state of their profession and proposes concrete solutions for transformation.

The sector’s spectacular rebound. New practices and concepts are emerging every day and touch points are multiplying, creating a wealth of opportunities for the meta luxury ambition to become a reality. The demands of personalized, intuitive customer experience but also engaged, sustainable and transparent. Are the new performance indicators of this luxury 3.0

My opinion

I found this book very inspiring and innovative. We understand how luxury, which was running late in terms of digital has become in a short time in advance. Which constantly proposes new ways to capture its audience.

What I also appreciate is the variety of contributors, no less than 34 big names in digital and luxury are present. They give us their experience with web3.0 and their aspirations for the future.

To conclude, I would like to share a quote from Antonio CARRIERO Breiling, “Before Covid, e-Commerce was considered the icing on the cake, since it has become the cake”. We understand that luxury is constantly evolving. The limit is the imagination.

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