Let’s change our minds, let’s think about something else than covid-19, about the internships we’re desperately looking for, about the permanent contracts we might not get this year… Let’s sit on the couch, turn on Netflix and watch the news! Oh watch, a new reality TV show… The Circle !

a cercle with the name of the game

What is it The Circle ?

The Circle is the new reality TV format that is causing a sensation on Netflix. Halfway between Secret Story, an episode of Black Mirror and the MTV show Catfish, the programme started on Channel 4 in the UK before being developed internationally for Netflix. After the success of the American and Brazilian versions, a French edition arrived on April 9.

What is the principle of the game ?

The principle of the program is simple. Candidates of all ages are locked in apartments. They cannot see or hear each other. They get to know eacboy and girls h other by communicating on a social network. As the episodes go on, they have to rate each other. The best become influencers and have the difficult task of blocking another player, in other words, eliminating him or her. To get as far as possible in the adventure, they can either stay themselves or create a false identity for themselves. But one thing is certain, only one candidate will win the 100,000 euros. 

A varied casting !

The program offers a casting with a wide range of ages. While Lou (22) and Chico Paolo (21) are the youngest members of The Circle, Monique (75) and Jo (78) are the oldest players. And every move is allowed to become the winner of this first season. Indeed, the two women pretend to be Nicolas, Josette’s 25-year-old grandson! They are not the only ones to create a false identity. If the other players think they are dealing with Valéria, they are in fact confronted with her husband, Maxime, a strategist who has come to win her. Humor and strategies, The Circle is the ideal reality show for confinement!



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Anaelle Soret