Learn how to make dumplings in Shanghai

I bet that after reading the article of my friend Thomas Sauvé -> “8 Must Eat Street Food”, you are an expert on dumplings restaurants in Shanghai.

It’s already a good thing. But don’t you think is more fun to know how to prepare Dumplings by yourself?

For my birthday, I had the opportunity to participate in a course on this practice. Thanks to my friends from MBADMB 🙂

This 2h30 class takes place in a cooking studio, under the guidance of a professional chef called “Cici” who offers me practical instruction in the art of dim sum making.

But, what is dumping really?

It is a variety of ravioli from Shanghai. This one contains minced meat or vegetables, and soup. They are wrapped in a ravioli of wheat paste and steamed or grilled. They are now very popular in China, Japan, and Taiwan.

In this article, I will explain to you my incredible experience with Cici. Cici has been a professional cook for over 6 years, her specialty is dumplings. During this private cooking class with, you will learn the traditional techniques to make the famous “xiaolongbao” of Shanghai.

As soon as you arrive, the experience begins! In the first place, you put on an apron, washed your hands and let’s go! Of course, Cici took care of everything, the material and all the ingredients are ready. We are a group of 5 young expatriates.

Morning Progress :

Beginning of the class at 10:00 am, first, the dough is made with a particular recipe to follow. Once kneaded and rolled, the dough ready. We have to let it sit for a few minutes.

Then we prepare the farce. One girl in our group was vegetarian, so we opted for two recipes: A ground beef stuffing, and another mushroom stuffing.

After we learned how folding. It’s a pretty difficult technique. Indeed, we train without meat in order not to spoil anything. Cici goes to see us each turn, and there the gesture becomes easier. We start each of our dumplings, all concentrated so that they are perfect.

Well, I admit that the first did not really look like dumplings…

Oh… What is it?

That’s it, all the dumplings are done. Now place for steaming and frying. To steam them we need a basket to steam.

Then it’s noon it’s time to feast with our dumplings. We all eat together talking about everything and nothing. Cici always brings us more details on Chinese culinary art and specialties. Moreover, of course, you can take the rest of your dumplings at home … So don’t forget your Tupperware box.

Cici also sends you the recipe and all the explanations to reproduce the dumplings at home.

What better way to impress his family and friends?

How participate?

To participate in this course which takes place every Saturday morning, it will be necessary to pay the sum of 346 Y per person. This is really worth to discover the world of Chinese gastronomy.

Gallery :

Here is the booking link for the Airbnb activity: Airbnb link

Here is the direct contact of Cici: WeChat ID: cicizhong911

Enjoy the reading,