“The 25th hour: Supercharging Productivity”: our time is precious. Let’s stop wasting it!

The book : The 25th hour: Supercharging Productivity

For this blog post, I decided to do a summary of the book “The 25th hour: Supercharging Productivity” written by Guillaume Declair, Bao Dinh, and Jérôme Dumont. This book is one of my favorite books as it is straightforward and it is presented in a practical manner.

“The 25th Hour is a short, easy to read and yet incredibly actionable book. It reveals great productivity techniques that everyone can put into practice right away to win back an hour every day.”- David Cohen, Founder and CEO of Techstars

This book teaches how to get an hour back every day to use towards the things that really make people happy and fulfilled.

More than 300 entrepreneurs, startup founders, and investors share their best productivity secrets. Contributors include the founders of Product Hunt, Spotify, Techstars, Instacart, Casper, Zoom, Hired, Group Nine Media, OnePlus, MealPal, BambooHR, Made, Bolt, Zumper…

The authors of The 25th hour: Supercharging Productivity

Bao Dinh is the Europe, Middle East and Africa Director of the hotel booking app HotelTonight. Guillaume Declair is co-founder of the media Merci Alfred and of the responsible fashion brand Loom. Jérôme Dumont is co-founder of the mobile development agency One More Thing Studio.

    The tips I learned from The 25th hour: Supercharging Productivity

    The book is divided into 3 chapters: get organized, focus and accelerate

    From the first chapter get organized, I learned:

    • If a task takes less than 2 minutes I should do the task and count to 5 to really do it
    • The 3-Task Rule: I should write down 3 important tasks per day
    • I should give myself pleasant deadlines

    In the second chapter focus, I learned:

    • I should make a to-do list all the time
    • To keep an Inbox zero: sort directly emails after reading otherwise put them in the to-do list
    • Always keep a clean desk
    • To meditate
    • To check my emails less than 3 times a day

    During the third chapter accelerate, I learned:

    • That I should do a 20% effort to have an 80% of impact
    • I shouldn’t consume too much psychological energy, especially in the mornings
    • I should do a 7-minute workout every morning
    • Set up a sleep routine
    • My mornings should be about 3 tasks, a 7-minute workout, meditation, and water
    • I should learn how to write more efficiently with Typingclub
    • I should create abbreviations to be more efficient in my work
    • I learned diverse shortcuts, but the ones that are most useful for me are: opening a tab (Ctrl T), closing a tab (Ctrl W), and opening a recently closed tab (Ctrl ⬆️T).