Facebook announces a name change. Microsoft unveils a new feature for its Teams tool. Niantic talks about adapting its augmented reality technology. Epic Games announces investments to make its flagship game Fortnite a form of virtual universe. It seems that the race to the metaverse has begun.

Whether it is the giants of the Tech or the companies of the sector of the video game, many are the actors to launch out in the research and development of these virtual universes in 3 dimensions. Facebook, the social networking giant, is announcing a revolution in internet navigation and social interactivity. The concept of metavers is not however recent, it is already present in less developed forms in some video games. Moreover, video games are an essential and necessary basis for the implementation of these future virtual worlds.

Because of the communication that is already well implemented as shown in Anaël Bizzaro‘s article on the subject, as well as the strong community spirit, the video game industry has already seen the beginnings of the metaverse in certain games. Moreover, the development of virtual reality headsets since a few years already brings an additional dimension to the immersion in a virtual world.